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Customer Experience Management

When it comes to building a successful business or industry the most important aspect is not the business but the customer, and all potential customers. Customer satisfaction is what keeps people coming back for more, but also what attracts new customers because word of mouth is the best free advertising a business can get. What […] Read more

Jul, 15, 2013


For Travel Companies a Summer of Love Depends on Customer Satisfaction

Summer being the season for exploration, adventure and relaxation, travel companies everywhere will soon see their customer service experience strategies put to the test. For airlines and cruise lines in particular, summer is anything but relaxing – the high expectations and constant scrutiny from travellers combine to make these companies long for winter. A recent […] Read more

Jul, 05, 2013


Brand Reputation Management Re-Invented: Minding the Generation Gap

A far cry from the old boys clubs holding their company’s image in an iron grip, these days the young are increasingly responsible for making decisions that shape the public’s perception of a brand. Nowhere is this more evident than online, where brand reputation management and customer retention programs play out. But does the tech-savvy […] Read more

Jun, 21, 2013


Importance of Brand Reputation Management

When promoting one’s business brand reputation management is an essential factor to consider. Brand reputation management involves controlling the way a business is portrayed in the media to potential clients. With the continual emergence of social media sites and popular search engines it can be simple to spread the good word about a business, but […] Read more

Jun, 14, 2013


The Keys to Driving Better Customer Service in the Automotive Industry

It’s no secret that high-quality customer service boosts profitability and brand reputation. For many businesses in the automotive industry, though, the mystery is how to get there without significantly boosting costs. Tapping into customer intelligence is one way to overhaul an ineffective customer service strategy.

Jun, 13, 2013


No Overnight Success: Refining Brand Reputation Management for Hotels

If travel experiences could be condensed into neat little packages and whisked away by suitcase, there would be no need for souvenir shops. Instead, tourist traps the world over bustle with opportunists who deal in kitsch and provide travellers with mementos that speak louder than pictures. Unfortunately for those in the hospitality business, travellers’ experiences, […] Read more

Jun, 04, 2013


High-Profile Hack Job Shows How Not to Engage in Brand Reputation Management

If there were a universal manual for how to approach brand reputation management, you can bet that not railing against your customers in a public forum would be covered in chapter one. For added emphasis you might encounter a graph illustrating the inverse correlation between a business’s unpopularity and its bottom line. The conclusion: the […] Read more

May, 27, 2013


Lessons in Brand Reputation Management: Learning from the Best (and Worst)

While celebrities have taken the maxim “No publicity is bad publicity” and run with it, businesses that court controversy also court failure. For companies in all markets this harsh reality, a classic case of a double standard, focuses the spotlight onto its brand reputation management, a multi-faceted approach that today encompasses strategies like social media […] Read more

May, 15, 2013


Competition Naturally Cranks up Need for Strong Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy

When competition between businesses is fierce, goes the thinking, the consumer is king. Market theory automatically kicks into action, ratcheting up the pressure to deliver on key fronts like price and customer satisfaction. And if like most businesses yours doesn’t have much wiggle room on price, customer loyalty and retention becomes the natural target for […] Read more

May, 08, 2013


Employee Performance Management for the New Economy: Multiple Generations Working in Harmony?

Generation gaps aside, employees young, old and everything in between are increasingly finding themselves working as a team – congregating at the same water cooler, kicking the same photocopier in frustration. Now more than ever, successful employee performance management requires a careful balancing act, the kind not easily executed in that quintessential management attire, the […] Read more

May, 03, 2013


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