Cultivate Customer Loyalty and Reap the Rewards

Customers, unlike pets, require more for their loyalty than the occasional free treat (though neither would offer much resistance). They want to know their opinion matters and that their voice won’t fall on deaf ears, especially when an experience with a business has got them halfway out the door. Whatever the product or service on offer, businesses need to respect the correlation between customer service experience and customer loyalty and retention.

A loyal customer base can translate into very real benefits to the bottom line: Not only are these satisfied individuals more likely to return in the future, they may also spread the word about your brand and encourage others to follow suit. In today’s more egalitarian communication landscape, where businesses have gone from delivering monologues to engaging in dialogues with consumers, there’s little excuse to let complaints fester. If satisfied customers are more likely to advocate for your brand, then unsatisfied customers—those with little incentive to show loyalty—are more likely to drag your brand through the mud.

When customers have a really positive or really negative experience, they want to tell someone about it—a double-edged sword, to be sure. But that doesn’t necessarily mean customer loyalty vanishes into thin air at the first sign of trouble: By voicing their concern, the customer is giving you an opportunity to resolve the situation. You can put a strategy in place to deal with negative feedback and get to the root of the problem, or you can bury your head in the sand and wait for the customer to defect—which, when there’s little evidence of anyone listening, will almost certainly be the result.

As businesses spread themselves across more and more physical and virtual locations, the potential for customer complaints inevitably rises. It becomes more difficult to maintain a consistent customer service experience across all these channels, and as the business’s leader, you will likely face concerns about how employees are representing your brand. By implementing a plan to deal with complaints and customer feedback, you can demonstrate your company’s willingness to adapt to a new way of communicating.

Gauging your company’s success with customer loyalty and retention begins with tuning in to what customers are feeling and saying. At GoalLine Solutions we’ve created several tools to measure and monitor customer attitudes, setting the stage for a successful approach to customer experience management. Discover how boostCX and similar products from GoalLine Solutions can improve customer loyalty and retention for your business.

Feb, 19, 2013