Customer Experience Management Software ‘boostCX’ Prepares to Get Lite and Go Mobile

GoalLine Solutions recently began development on two new versions of its customer experience management software, boostCX. boostCX lite will cater specifically to small and medium businesses, while boostCX mobile will allow clients to harness the power of the original program in the palm of their hand.

A specialist in brand reputation management, GoalLine Solutions recognized the radical shift in the way businesses must address areas like customer experience improvement and customer loyalty and retention. Gone is the traditional one-way communication, replaced by a much more democratic framework in which customers openly voice their criticisms and kudos.

customer management

This new reality highlighted a glaring weakness in countless businesses across the board, regardless of industry or location. They needed a way to seize control brand reputation management and join the conversations their customers were already having on social media and review sites. GoalLine Solutions developed boostCX to help clients tune in and access the kind of data that would lead to customer experience improvement. The company’s currently in-development programs will further empower clients and, by extension, the customers they serve.

boostCX lite will give smaller businesses a streamlined software that addresses their core needs without compromising on the tools that made the original product valuable to larger businesses. GoalLine’s response to the growth in hand-held devices and on-the-go communication, boostCX mobile, also maintains the integrity of the original version but modifies it for peak performance on modern platforms like smartphones and tablets.

GoalLine Solutions recently issued a press release to announce the evolution of its customer experience management software.

Mar, 06, 2013