Customer Experience Management

When it comes to building a successful business or industry the most important aspect is not the business but the customer, and all potential customers. Customer satisfaction is what keeps people coming back for more, but also what attracts new customers because word of mouth is the best free advertising a business can get.

What is it that keeps a customer satisfied? It is not only the service they receive, the products and deals available, or the atmosphere – it is the entire customer experience. Customer experience is the thing that builds loyalty amongst customers and what makes them tell their friends and families about the company. If a customer visits a store which has a pleasant atmosphere, excellent and friendly customer service, great deals available, employees who legitimately care to make the experience as great as possible, and the opportunity to easily reconcile any problems they may have, then the experience does not get much better.

Some businesses focus on what is best for the business and what will make them as successful as possible but this is the wrong way to view success. What makes a successful business is not how much they are worth financially but how much they are worth to their customers. A business which employs the idea of customer experience management will be more successful in the long-run than a business which focuses only on their revenue.

Customer experience management involves viewing the business from the perspective of a customer. The company must be aware of the entire customer experience, from advertising to follow-up customer service, and strive to make that experience as stellar as possible. Rather than think of how the business can most successful, they must consider how to make the customer ultimately satisfied and impressed because the customer’s opinion of the company is the livelihood of the company.

Anticipating the customer experience and making it as pleasurable as possible is the first step, and then the business can focus on finances. The more satisfied consumers are the more money the company can potentially make because not only will the consumer keep coming back for more, but they will also be likely to recommend services to friends and family. The added bonus to this word of mouth is that it is free advertising which saves the company money overall. Some of the most successful businesses in the world are those which spend the least money on advertising, because they don’t need to. There is no more powerful testimony than that of a customer who has experienced service which goes above and beyond.

In a time when the economy is struggling and individuals are inclined to buy the cheapest product rather than the best, customer experience management is more important than ever. In order for a customer to spend extra money they have to know that what they are paying for is worth every penny, not only in product but in customer service as well. Customer experience management can mean the difference between thriving or failing in today’s market.