Employee Performance Management: Automotive Solutions to Motivate

In the automotive industry, when a company’s sales performance is all over the road a good navigator is needed to put things back on track. As drivers appreciate having an instant view of their vehicle’s performance right before their eyes, so too can car dealership managers and owners benefit from detailed snapshots of their business’s health – equipped with the data yielded by employee performance management software, they can finally find their way forward again.

Managing multiple locations at once or spending time away from the store, it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of what’s going on at the micro level, especially since the bottom line doesn’t tell the whole story. And while an outstanding salesperson can inflate numbers, an underperformer can have an opposing but equally weighty impact.

So how do you separate the stars from the stragglers, the ones deserving of employee recognition from the ones in need of a little guidance or motivation? Quantitative data for every salesperson at every location will help you introduce a system for employee recognition and accountability, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business.

Although an employee’s performance can’t necessarily be measured by numbers alone, having objective, comparable sales figures at your disposal will help you maintain a finger on the pulse of your business at all times. You need to know who’s selling how many of which product or service, using a method that holds everyone accountable to the same, unbiased standard; then employee rewards can help motivate top performers and incentivize laggards. Likewise, when the opportunity arises employees will ideally attempt to upsell – you need to know whether your staff are seizing this opportunity.

Employee recognition, whether you choose to show it through congratulations, employee rewards or other benefits, will help keep valuable members of your team motivated – encouraging them to sustain their effort and stick with you. At the same time, lower performers will benefit from extra attention through coaching or another form of employee performance management, ultimately bridging the gap between poles.

Rev-UP by GoalLine Solutions helps you keep a virtual tab on your store or stores, presenting detailed data you can act upon. This employee performance management software displays accurate and up-to-date information for easy comparison, helping you target and eliminate inefficiencies. For more information on Rev-UP or other products from GoalLine Solutions, browse our customer experience management solutions.

Feb, 04, 2013