Yearly Archives: 2013

A Brave New World of Brand Reputation Management

In today’s virtual marketplace, where the “window” in “window shopping” can refer to a computer or mobile screen, consumers have increasingly come to trust the published – and sometimes well-publicized – accounts of those who’ve gone before them. As these channels continue to capture the successes and disappointments of consumers, businesses of all shapes, sizes […] Read more

Feb, 25, 2013


Cultivate Customer Loyalty and Reap the Rewards

Customers, unlike pets, require more for their loyalty than the occasional free treat (though neither would offer much resistance). They want to know their opinion matters and that their voice won’t fall on deaf ears, especially when an experience with a business has got them halfway out the door. Whatever the product or service on […] Read more

Feb, 19, 2013


Employee Performance Management: Automotive Solutions to Motivate

In the automotive industry, when a company’s sales performance is all over the road a good navigator is needed to put things back on track. As drivers appreciate having an instant view of their vehicle’s performance right before their eyes, so too can car dealership managers and owners benefit from detailed snapshots of their business’s […] Read more

Feb, 04, 2013


The Gift of Gripe: Utilizing Customer Feedback in the Age of Social Media

No longer content to stand on the sidelines, consumers are finding their voice and putting it to good use. The rapid growth of social media and online networking has drastically transformed the customer-company dynamic (a more crowded marketplace and increased competition haven’t hurt, either). And while this sharp diversion from the traditional path might send […] Read more

Feb, 01, 2013