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boostCX is the ultimate Customer Experience Management platform for your brand. This unique platform enables you to improve performance, increase customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention, while driving operational efficiencies. boostCX is comprised of our individual solutions and services, each can be used together, or on their own, to create a unique Customer Experience Management Solution for your company.


-          Multiple survey platforms-  web surveys, automated IVR, Live calls, etc

-          Single or multi-page surveys

-          White-label surveys and reporting portal

-          Customizable e-mail alerts for all survey and case events

-          Mobile friendly multi-lingual survey engine

-          Survey Data Integrity Violation Process (Survey Fraud Detection)

-          Complaint management triggers and notifications

-          Data Extraction - real-time and/or batch automated data extraction

-          Graphical representations for quick and easy analysis

-          Cross-platform support –supports flash and JavaScript (HTML5)


-          Fully customizable reporting and survey platform

-          Integrated Live agent, automated IVR or web survey reporting

-          Real-time web based secure portal

-          Closed loop Complaint Management 

-          "View of the customer" 

-          Cross-platform support (flash and JavaScript HTML5)

-          Graphical representations for quick and easy analysis

-          Customizable notifications and e-mail alerts

-          Survey Fraud detection

-          DMS data Extraction (Authorized Extraction provider)

-          Raw data export capability to existing BI system


-          Provides turn-key Customer Experience Management Portal with consolidated survey and feedback results

-          Portal and surveys can be "white-labeled"  to include Client branding and consistent customer messaging

-          360 degree view of customer provides insight into transaction, complaint and survey history

-          Integration of multiple data capture mediums (ie. Live call, print, IVR call, Web survey) provides greater flexibility in corporate communication preferences

-          Scalable solution can accommodate environments from SMB to Global Fortune 500 corporations

-          Multi-lingual smartphone friendly survey engine ensures higher response rates

-          Auto-generate cases based on defined scoring thresholds or specific customer responses

-          Automated IVR follow-up process ensures follow through on all complaints generated


-          Cross-platform support (flash and JavaScript HTML5)

-          Hierarchy based reporting defined by Line of business, role, user, etc.

-          Individual user profiles allows for custom ordering of defined KPI’s  based on permissions and roles

-          Setup options provide admin users with the ability to define user access on-the-fly

-          Drill down of KPI and survey results to RO/RDR and employee level

-          Ability to edit KPI’s real-time

-          Ability to incorporate KPI’s for external data sources

-          Ability to view KPI’s trends based on selectable period types, and periods.

-          Notifications and reports are addressed to specific individuals based on role 


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