The Gift of Gripe: Utilizing Customer Feedback in the Age of Social Media

No longer content to stand on the sidelines, consumers are finding their voice and putting it to good use. The rapid growth of social media and online networking has drastically transformed the customer-company dynamic (a more crowded marketplace and increased competition haven’t hurt, either). And while this sharp diversion from the traditional path might send a shiver up the spine of some businesses, those willing to embrace customer feedback will find themselves well-equipped to change for the better.

Humans have always been social beings – only the methods of communication have changed. The technologically advanced tools of today such as networking sites are capable of distributing opinions far and wide, some of which gain serious traction along the way. True to their name, these “viral” communications – whether spread via Twitter, Facebook or one of the countless other social media platforms – can have incredibly negative effects on the health of businesses (the old adage “No publicity is bad publicity” doesn’t apply here).

For most businesses, the proliferation and cranked-up volume of customer feedback comes as little surprise; this development has been building for years now. But if you’ve yet to recognize the value of the customer’s opinion, even when it’s hard to listen to, you’re squandering a golden opportunity (just ask United Airlines, the subject of Dave Carrol’s YouTube sensation video, “United Breaks Guitars,” a biting song that was recently developed into a book).

In some industries the customer service experience has become all that separates businesses from each other. It’s hard to maintain a competitive edge on products alone – business knows no borders, and good ideas don’t remain unchallenged for long. That’s why an emphasis on customer experience improvement can be the greatest differentiator. Equipped with the right tools to monitor and measure customer feedback, you can put words into action and make sure any buzz about your business is positive.

Social media channels offer more than just a way to blow off steam. Many consumers weigh and compare the opinions of other customers when researching a certain product or company, in search of unfiltered viewpoints. This means that poor customer experience management is no longer a question of losing just one unhappy customer, since even a single opinion can carry enough weight to deter countless prospects.

In a crowded marketplace, it can be tempting to try and reach the customer though a barrage of loud, flashy marketing techniques. But a quality over quantity approach, particularly when it comes to the customer service experience, can build your brand’s reputation and encourage them to advocate for your business. At GoalLine Solutions we designed boostCX, an intuitive customer experience management tool, to make it easier for businesses to tap into the valuable resource that is customer feedback.

Now it’s your turn to get off the sidelines – tune in to what customers are saying and get to the root of your business’s customer service experience problems with an approach that considers all the angles.

Feb, 01, 2013